Star Diagram of the Psychological Functions Analysis Matrix

Your Own Star

The Star Diagram of the Psychological Functions used in Psychosynthesis takes into account the multiplicity, plasticity and dynamism of the human psyche, mapping these functions in a coherent manner and enabling an intuitive, graphic vision of their existence and interplay.

The understanding of “who” uses the Psychological Functions is a first, fundamental step in manifesting the project of the Self. The Psychological Functions are the tools with which the personal self interacts with the manifest world and serve the role of intermediary between our inner world and the outside. As Psychosynthesis Life Coaches, we want to be truly capable of using all to the best of our ability and work in such a way so that the client may do so as well.

To respond in detail to these questions and enable a comparative, graphical analysis of the situation here and now, The Synthesis Center has created a model (“Your Own Star”) bringing together the above concepts in an interactive format, answering the wish and the call of Maestro Assagioli that Psychosynthesis belongs to everyone and must be continually developed.