The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coach Training

5. Activating the Will Project

The goal-oriented nature of coaching requires activation of the client’s will to achieve the goal: what is known in Psychosynthesis as the Will Project. This involves several of the 11 Core Competencies of the ICF-

8. Creating Awareness
Ability to integrate and accurately evaluate multiple sources of information and to make interpretations that help the client to gain awareness and thereby achieve agreed-upon results.

9. Designing Actions
Ability to create with the client opportunities for ongoing learning, during coaching and in work/life situations, and for taking new actions that will most effectively lead to agreed-upon coaching results.

10. Planning and Goal Setting
Ability to develop and maintain an effective coaching plan with the client.

11. Managing Progress and Accountability
Ability to hold attention on what is important for the client, and to leave responsibility with the client to take action.

A continuation of the concepts presented in “Manifesting the Will”, this webinar addresses these competencies through actualization of the Will Process of Psychosynthesis, leading to a method for truly internalizing what has been designed: the Psychosynthesis concept of “grounding and anchoring into the ‘I’”

ICF Core Competencies covered: 8,9,10,11

Length: 38’