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What is It?

These webinars are designed to lead the student through a logical application of Psychosynthesis maps and concepts to Transformational Life Coaching. A Transpersonal Psychology, Psychosynthesis goes through and beyond the surface of the ordinary personality, giving the client an understanding of fundamental needs related to what is termed the "Call of Self": the transpersonal drive (literally "through and beyond the personality") that we all unconsciously feel and gives greater meaning to life.

Failure to define and implement goals in line with this "Call" results in only transitory satisfaction and improvement.

The Psychosynthesis Life Coach helps the client to define goals consistent with their "Call of Self", co-creating their emerging future and consciously choosing to respond to this inner call.
Through a powerful and dynamic approach to personal development, the holistic model of evolutionary growth through change presented by Psychosynthesis aligns the individual with their innate trend towards "Self-Realization".

This leads to an ever wider harmony of personality, well-being, and sense of fulfillment, realized through an alignment with the "Purpose, Meaning, and Values" of the Self, in every sphere of life.

How It Works

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$30 per webinar

What You Will Gain

  • Insights into how the maps and methodologies of Psychosynthesis, a Transpersonal Psychology, are applied in Transformational Life Coaching

  • Specific coaching skills in line with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies

  • A more holistic view of Transformational Life Coaching concepts and skills

  • A new way of looking at yourself and how you relate to life and those around you.




1. The “I” - Self Connection



2. Subpersonalities- Our Many Masks



3. Identification/Disidentification/Self-Identification: the Key to Freedom



4. Manifesting Will



5. Activating The Will Project



6. Presence: an Aware Act of Will


7. Effective Communication



8. MMSP - False Positive/False Negative: Know Thyself



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