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The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coaching

Psychosynthesis finds its foundation in the "perception of the immanent light in the human soul and in all of creation" as taught by its founder, Roberto Assagioli. For over 100 years this wisdom has guided this transpersonal psychology.

Psychosynthesis is applied today in many areas as a methodology for "becoming the Director of one’s own internal Orchestra", on a personal, transpersonal, and professional level.

We are pleased that you feel the presence of this attitude, as a coach or therapist, teacher or worker, parent or researcher of your own self, and that you took the first step, enrolling in the Transformational Life Coach program developed by the Synthesis Center. Expanded and enhanced by Synthesis Coaching Associates, this program is now in its 30th year of providing personal Well-being and professional training in Psychosynthesis Life Coaching.