The Will to Grow: Transformational Life Coach Training

3. Subpersonalities

This third webinar in the PLC series addresses one of the fundamental insights that Psychosynthesis brings to our understanding of the human psyche: that we are a Self, a center of pure awareness and will, without contents- and that the “contents” of our psyche- beliefs, behavior patterns, opinions, attitudes, and all the rest- are the manifestations of numerous individual personalities which we all have inside us.
These occupy the foreground of our consciousness and much of the unconscious which is proximate to our conscious perception, and, in most cases, completely obscure the true nature of our being. One of the goals of Psychosynthesis is to gain understanding of these so-called “subpersonalities”, and move from being in a mode of purely reacting to their needs to being the Observer and Director of our own inner world.

Length: 36’